My Learning Strengths offers you the opportunity analyze areas where you are skilled and to use this knowledge to increase your performance in other learning areas.

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My name is Andrew Fuller and as a Clinical Psychologist, my work aims to help people create futures they can fall in love with. To do this people need to know how their brains work best.

At, you can get a free personalised assessment of your learning strengths.

At the end of the assessment you will be emailed a letter outlining your top two learning strengths and a way of developing an area that you are yet to fully develop that you will be able to download and use to plan future learning priorities.
A more thorough analytical report of your results with recommendations for learning strategies and possible career paths is available for $10 after you complete your free profile.

It can be helpful to discuss the letter or the full report with a teacher or parent. I hope the information you gain by doing this will help you to fulfil your potential.

Never lose sight of your dreams!

Andrew Fuller
Clinical Psychologist

**The advice provided by this website is designed as a guide and is indicative only. It does not claim to replace a full psychological assessment. If major life decisions are being made a full psychological assessment may be necessary to confirm these guidelines.**

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